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Public Consultation on planning & budget priorities

Published: 10th October, 2011

   Below is a Briefing Sheet outlining the Town Council's Strategic Planning and Budget Priorities, presented at a Public Consultation meeting in October 2011.

MONDAY 17TH OCTOBER 2011 AT 7.00pm


Strategic Planning Priorities:The Shropshire Council Place Plan for Church Stretton collates all of the development proposals for the Church Stretton area, but it now runs to 85 pages.  This briefing sheet distils the key issues:

Draft Community Vision: A thriving, cohesive community, catering for all ages, striving for social, economic and environmental sustainability, as it confronts the challenges of changing needs and circumstances. Accordingly, strategic plans have to balance and co-ordinate provision for housing, employment, education, transport, infra-structure, leisure, health and social care.

Planning Boundary: The previous boundary was drawn tightly around the town, resulting in developers in-filling houses in the town centre, sometimes inappropriately. The flood plain and bore fields severely constrain any extension on the valley floor.

Question: Do we want to relax the boundary slightly to allow some development on the periphery or retain the current boundary?

A49 Access: The two smaller settlements have one major and three smaller access points, the largest settlement has one access point at the traffic light junction, which is increasingly congested.                                                                                                                     

Question: Are we prepared to lose some smaller access points to gain an extra access for Church Stretton?

Housing:  The county target for additional houses in this area is 200-500 between 2006 and 2026.

·                    203 houses have been built or given planning permission since 2006

·                    There is a housing waiting list for affordable housing for some 50 local families

·                    Most young key workers (care and shop assistants) cannot afford local house/flat prices or rents.

Question: How many more houses/flats do we want, of what type and tenure and where?

Employment Opportunities:  In the last ten years, 0.1 hectare of employment land has been created, the lowest ratio of housing to employment land in the county. The growth industries will be care, tourism and information technology (subject to improved Broadband).

Question: How can we improve the tourism infra-structure without impacting on residents’ quality of life?

Infra –structure - Water and Sewage, Health & Social Care: Severn Trent Water is upgrading the sewage system in preference to water pipework and Shropshire Council is addressing surface water drainage.  Mayfair is striving to fund a multi-purpose Health & Well-Being Centre.

Question:  Are these the right infra-structure priorities?

Leisure Facilities:  Some upgrading of these facilities has been achieved in recent years but funding is still sought for a new Sports Pavilion on Russells Meadow and an all-weather Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA) in the Park.

Question: Are these the right priorities? What would be the priority for any Community Infra-Structure Levy funding? 


The Town Council's 'first look' at projected Income and Expenditure figures for 2012/13 was presented, and the following questions posed:


a)      Is the balance of spend right?

b)      If Shropshire Council funding is cut, should services be cut and/or service users or precept-payers pay more? 

c)      Should the Council take on more services, such as car parks, more verges/footpaths, Visitor/Customer Information services or other services? 

d)      What would be a reasonable precept rise?

For every £1,000 loss of grant funding, a precept rise of approx.50p is required.  So, for example, to cover a loss of £20,000, each resident, paying a Band D Council Tax, would be asked for an additional £10  per year.