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Police Warnings!

Published: 15th February, 2012

Police Warnings

1. Computer Scam - A member of the public in North Shropshire has reported that he has received what he thinks is a new computer scam.

The scam involves a foreign sounding male (of possible Indian accent) informing you that your computer is downloading malicious programmes and that he can sell you software to cure it. When challenged the male hung up.

Do not dial 1471 to find out who has called you as it will take you to a premium rate line and could cost you £30.

If anyone else experiences the same sort of scam please call 101 immediately and report all the details to the call taker in the Force Control Room.

2. Winter Weather Advice for 4 x 4 drivers
Published on behalf of the Safer Roads Partnership in West Mercia

Despite warnings recently of the onset of snow and ice causing challenging road conditions in places, West Mercia Police have still seen a number of road traffic collisions that have been attributed to the bad weather.

When freezing fog, heavy frosts and icy conditions are forecast, the Partnership and West Mercia Police wish to remind people to exercise caution when travelling on affected routes throughout the region.

A number of recent collisions have involved 4x4 vehicles, which raises the issue that even if motorists believe they have a vehicle that will cope with harsher weather, driving on icy roads is still challenging - and stopping times and distances are greatly increased compared to those in finer weather, no matter what car you are driving.

Examples of collisions that have occurred recently in the bad weather include a written-off Shogun, a Land Rover Discovery that left the road and ended up on its roof and a Freelander 4x4 which skidded on the road and collided into someone's house.

Vicki Bristow, Communications Manager for the Partnership says; "When icy roads and freezing fog are likely, our advice, if travelling, is to check local weather forecasts and road conditions before setting off and ensure any ice is removed from windows, mirrors and lights so you have good visibility.

"It is important to drive smoothly and avoid braking sharply and accelerating quickly as this could lead to wheels locking or spinning. Keep well back from the vehicle in front to allow plenty of time to slow down and always look as far ahead as possible to anticipate what other road users might do.

"Winter drivers need to use their eyes more effectively; drive carefully and smoothly, avoiding harsh accelerating and braking regardless of whether your vehicle is a 4x4 or not."

3. Theft of Copper Wire near Albrighton (and Near Church Stretton)

Copper overhead power conductors were stolen from Shackerley Lane, Albrighton, near the M54, probably between 3.30 and 8am on Wed 8 Feb.
In a similar theft, 500 metres of copper wire had been stolen from a telephone line at Stone Acton, near Church Stretton, during the previous week.

Recently, thefts of roadside drain covers, road signs and batteries from traffic lights at road works have also been reported around the county.

If you see any suspicious activity when passing public utilities, please report your suspicions to local police on 101 as soon as possible, so checks can be made.