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Church Stretton Library – Judicial Review

Published: 7th April, 2016

Re:  Church Stretton Library – Judicial Review

Cllr Mike Walker, Chairman and Mayor of Church Stretton Town Council said:-

“Church Stretton Town Council is disappointed that so much time, effort and money has been wasted on pursuit of this action.  The cease and desist order attached to the Judicial Review has made it impossible for a sensible dialogue between interested parties to take place about securing the future of a library service for the town.  Opportunities for funding have been lost to the months of delay.

The Town Council’s focus has always been on ensuring that there is a sustainably funded library service in the town.  We therefore look forward to developing   a constructive and informed dialogue with all interested parties in order to ensure that this outcome is achieved.

The Judicial Review has proved to be a costly diversion from this process. The underlying situation remains that the library service in the town is very much at risk of being decommissioned, and is by no means ‘saved’ as has been asserted in the press.  There is now very little time remaining to come up with alternative proposals for how it might be managed and funded in the long term.  It is the intention of the Town Council to play a full and pro-active role in that process.”