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Badger Persecution around Church Stretton: Appeal for Vigilance

Published: 25th April, 2016

Shropshire Badger Group are hearing from a number of sources that badgers are currently suffering regular abuse in the general area of Church Stretton. We are therefore taking the unusual step of appealing for help from local people and visitors to apprehend the culprits concerned and put a stop to this criminality in the Stretton Hills.
All the information received to date has been passed to the Police, and both the Police and Shropshire Badger Group are keen to hear from anyone who is suspicious about the activities of men with dogs, particularly near to a known badger sett. 
If the men with dogs are actually seen to be digging or carrying spades, please DO NOT approach them, but immediately ring the Police on 999, stating that you think a wildlife crime is in progress. Ask the Police to attend right away and give as many identifying details as possible about the men themselves, their dogs, and their vehicles, e.g. make, model and registration numbers. 
Always ask for the Wildlife Crime Officer to attend in person, but remember that speed is essential if the culprits are to be caught in the act. Also ask the Police to run the vehicle details through their computer to check if the owner is a known wildlife criminal. If possible take photos of the vehicles and tyre treads.
Please contact Badgerline on 01743 271999, website, or our Facebook page, if anyone has information or suspicions they would like to pass on in confidence.