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Help - Search our Directory

See also: Help - Site Search

Searching the Directories

 You can search the Directory listings by one of the following choices. Examples are described further down this page. 

  1. choosing the first letter of the Organisation Name. (Browse Alphabetically)
  2. filling the service you are looking for in the Search by Service box
  3. filling in the Name in the Search by Name box
  4. Selecting a Category from the list (Browse by Category)
  5. Do a Site Search and you get directory entries in the Directory tab (see: Help - Site Search


Browse Alphabetically

Click on one of the letters A ..... Z or the # for any number.

If the letter T is selected then it returns items like the example below:


 Search by Service

Type a search word into the Search by Service box. This search lists the contents of the Categories that have the search word in them.

capture_2012_02_100009 If you enter the word Computer, then you will get the Computer Services listings 
capture_2012_02_100010 If you enter the word Service, then you will get a longer list that includes Photographic Services, Clothing Sales and Services, Motor and Garage Services etc. 

Browse by Category

Organisations (Businesses, Clubs, Schools, etc) are grouped into Categories. You can select any of the listed categories and all the organisations in that category will be listed.