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Charges for an Event Entry

Free Entries:

Most Events are entered free of charge and will show:

  • Event date & time, title and venue
  • Short Description (max 200 characters)
  • Contact phone number

Entries with Additional Features:

It is possible to have additional features – i.e. an additional page accessed by the ‘read more’ link which may contain:

  • longer descriptions (equivalent to 1 page of A4)
  • logos, images, 
  • downloadable PDF documents, 
  • links to your own website, or Directory entry.  

If you are a Tier 3 (or above) advertiser, you may have an unlimited number of events listed with Additional Features at no extra charge.

Otherwise you may be required to pay a £25 administration fee to include the additional information.  Certain events may qualify for exemption from this charge - email the webmaster for more information.

 Number of Events

If you are not a Tier 3 Advertiser, then we reserve the right to make a charge if you ask for more than 6 events in any one year.


  • Events that occur on a regular basis (e.g. Weekly - on the same day of the week and at the same time) and the descriptive details are the same for each occasion are treated as Repeating events. E.g. for a meeting every Wednesday at 2pm. They all count as only one event for the purposes of charging.
  • Other allowable Repeating periods are fortnightly, monthly, annually.