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IN THIS PLACE by Lydia Adetunji and Frances Brett  with Sound Designer Jon McLeod and Visual Artist Sophia Clist

A unique audio theatre experience. Look differently. Hear differently. Be In This Place.  From the highly acclaimed Pentabus Theatre comes a new show set in the Shropshire Hills - a walking experience with a difference. Taking place throughout September this is a thrilling new way to explore the stunning Shropshire landscape.

Following their production of Every Brilliant Thing at the Ludlow Fringe Festival and the Ledbury Poetry Festival last month, Pentabus Theatre continue their commitment to ensuring local audiences have access to the best contemporary theatre by presenting IN THIS PLACE in the Shropshire Hills throughout September. 

Experienced through headphones whilst following a circular walk from the Bog Visitor Centre this new play immerses you into a landscape of the imagination – a world of stories and events connected to the Shropshire landscape. Let yourself imagine what it’s like to be inside someone else’s mind. Let yourself be surprised by visual treats along the way. IN THIS PLACE is a compelling and inspiring experience about what shapes our relationship to where we are.

The project is a development of the work of local archivist Frances Brett who has captured oral histories of women who work or live in the Shropshire Hills area. Developed into a piece of audio theatre by writer Lydia Adetunji, Sound Designer Jon McLeod and Visual Artist Sophia Clist, the show celebrates and interrogate the role women have played in shaping our landscape over recent years. 

Elizabeth Freestone, Artistic Director of Pentabus, explains: “I hope the experience will be a unique and creative way for people to experience our stunning local landscape – combining theatre, walking and the great outdoors, this is a unique project, tailor-made for our community. The show offers a new prism through which to enjoy the landscape – both physically and imaginatively. Women who work in the landscape are often invisible in rural culture, and this project addresses that imbalance.”

Alongside the walk itself, Pentabus are also offering a series of talks and events for special interest groups, schools and colleges.

Pre-booking is essential. The show runs at regular time slots on Wednesdays and Sundays throughout September; tickets are £6 each / £5 conc.