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Local Directory

Natural Stretton Mineral Water

Shrewsbury Road
Church Stretton

Tel: 01694 722935
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Stretton Water is renowned for its remarkably low mineral water content.

The first mention of Stretton Water being bottled commercially was as far back as 1881 with the opening of the Church Stretton Aerated Water Company using water drawn from the nearby Long Mynd Spring. This company was soon overshadowed by The Stretton Hills Mineral Water Company which opened its purpose built factory on the Shrewsbury Road, at the mouth of the Cwm Dale in 1883.

This is still the same site where the well known food and drink brand 'Princes' still bottle Stretton Mineral Water today however, the water is no longer drawn from the Cwm Dale spring but is pumped from the aquifer below Church Stretton via several bore holes in the fields opposite the factory.  If you look carefully you can see several small huts, each housing a pump.

There is a free public tap and sink outside the front of the factory on Shrewbury Road where anyone can fill their water bottles with the same water that goes into the Stretton Water bottles you buy in the shops!

The tap only works Monday to Friday during working hours because the water comes straight from an underground aquifer and when the factory is shut - the pump has to be switched off.

Click on the website link above for more information on the history of Stretton Water.