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Wenlock Edge

Much Wenlock



Wenlock Edge is a limestone escarpment created 400 million years ago when Shropshire could be found just south of the equator and boasted a Caribbean type of environment.  Its ancient woodlands have excellent walks and are popular for cycling and riding.  There are many fossils hidden in the area's rocks including ancient corals, crinoids and trilobites.  The limestone of Wenlock Edge has been exploited for many years. The first use was for building material and for burning in small lime kilns.

The National Trust, who manage seven miles of the Edge, has now restored some of the old lime kilns to preserve a part of the industrial heritage of the area.  The limestone edge also provides ideal conditions for many rare flowers and supports ancient woodland on its slopes.There are stunning views of the surrounding Shropshire countryside from the Edge.

There are three National Trust car parks at Much Wenlock, Wilderhope and Presthope, which provide the perfect starting place to pull on your walking boots before exploring the dapple shaded paths, enjoying dramatic views across the Shropshire countryside.  The limestone of Wenlock Edge is of international repute as an example of old coral reef deposits. It supports an array of flowered grassland and ancient woodland, making the area an important Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

Folly on Wenlock Edge (6.4miles)

Easy Wenlock Edge Walk (7.5 miles)

Wenlock Circuit (10 miles)

Much Wenlock to Roman Bank (7 miles)

Long Distance Guardian Newspaper Great British Walk (17.5 miles)

Carpark at Presthope use postcode: TF13 6DQ

Carpark at Much Wenlock use postcode: TF13 6DH