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The Stiperstones (6 miles)




Take a walk on the Stiperstones - This is a National Nature Reserve with a difference - being the second hightest hill in Shropshire, the views are magnificent, and the countryside on the west side of the Long Mynd is a patchwork of hedgerows having so far remained unaffected by modern farming methods - quite different from the east side.  There are several bronze age cairns along its ridge.

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The Stipperstone Tors of Quartzite

The Stipperstones form a dramatic ridge of quartzite formed some 480 million years ago. During the last ice age it was subjected to extremes of weather, which resulted in the shattering of the quartzite and the formation of Tors with jumbled scree around their bases. Most of the Tors have evocative names, Shepherd’s Rock, Devils Chair etc. The views of the surrounding countryside from this vantage point are second to none. This rocky atmospheric outcrop lies in a magnificent National Nature Reserve.

Folklore abounds on The Stiperstones and influenced the names of these tors.  There is The Devil's Chair, the northernmost tor, where His Infernal Majesty is claimed to take up residence at times. A thunderstorm will immediately occur should a human seek to sit in the place. 

At the midwinter solstice, all the ghosts of Shropshire are also said to assemble here.

There are "The Seven Whistlers" - six birds fly together searching for the lost of their number; if found, the world will end.

Wild Edric, originally an historical figure of The Welsh Marches who made peace with William the Conqueror by 1070 haunts the Stiperstones (as well as around Church Stretton hills - here as a massive hound with fiery red eyes). As punishment for betraying the nation, he (still alive) is confined with his spectral army to the mines of the area (miners have heard tapping noises), to be released at times of National threat. Claimed sightings have happened around the times of the Napoleonic Wars, Boer War, Crimean War, and the First World War.

If similarity with King Arthur springs to mind, there is supposed to a huge magical fish which guards Edric's sword at Bomere Pool, and will only give it up to his true heir.