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Shrewsbury (13 miles)



Shrewsbury is a unique town situated within a horseshoe loop of the river Severn. It has retained much of its mediaeval charm and contains treasures a-plenty, many very obvious, others less conspicuous.

A walk round the centre of the town, taking in Wyle Cop, the Castle, the Library (where Charles Darwin went to school), the Old Council Gatehouse, St Mary's Church, the Old Market Hall, Rowley's House etc, will offer a wealth of interest. However, some of the quaintest spots are to be found away from the main thoroughfares and many a trip down an apparently uninteresting side alley will yield a rich reward. Butcher's Row, Fish Street, Bear Steps, St Alkmond's Square, Grope Lane, Claremont Hill and many other hidden reminders of the past make this a very interesting town. Don't miss a walk in The Quarry and The Dingle Gardens.