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Church Stretton Tree Group

Tel: 01694 723208
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Church Stretton Tree Group

Caring for trees in the Strettons

Trees in Church Stretton

Trees in Church Stretton 

Church Stretton Tree Group was established in 2008 to be a champion for the magnificent trees in Church Stretton. The impetus for the formation of the Tree Group was the publication of the Town Design Statement which gives particular emphasis to the importance of tree cover to the essential character of the town and surrounding area.

Our aims:

* Oversee and implement the Town Design Statement Tree Guidelines and Recommendations.
* Provide monitoring and support to protect valued trees.
* Work with Local Authorities and others to ensure the protection of important trees and woodland.
* Encourage new planting using appropriate species.
* Raise awareness of the importance of trees and woodland.
* Encourage a culture of tree care.
* Provide good quality tree advice.
* Involve the whole community in activities based on trees.

Tree Survey

The first major task of the Tree Group is to undertake a survey of the trees in the Parish. Training and guidance is being given to volunteers so that anyone can join in. Trees will be included in a new data base and each tree will be measured and its location recorded. Some trees will be 'tagged' by fitting small aluminium tags, each individually numbered. These tags will not damage the trees. The survey will provide valuable information about our trees and help us to monitor them and, where necessary and appropriate, to consider planting replacements.

Talks and Walks

Each year there will be a series of occasional guided walks looking at trees, their management and natural history. Recently walks have explored Rectory Wood and Wenlock Edge, as well as providing guidance to help identify different species. Talks have included subjects such as veteran trees, our native Black Poplar and how to look after garden trees.

Tree Planting in Coppice Leasowes
Hedge & Tree Planting, Coppice Leasowes Nature Reserve.

Further Information

The Shropshire Council website has information and guidance about trees and planning, and links to other useful websites.

They also have a list of approved tree surgeons. Information can be found under 'Trees and Woodland' which is listed under 'Environment' which is under 'Environment and Planning'

e-mail enquiries to:


Membership is open to anyone interested in the aims of the Tree Group. By joining members will receive information about activities and will benefit from reduced ticket prices for events. Annual membership costs just £5 for individuals and £7.50 for joint or household membership.

For more information contact the Membership Secretary -
Mrs Jill Evans,
Stables Cottage
5 Yeld Bank
Shrewsbury Road
Church Stretton

Telephone: 01694 722009.


The Church Stretton Tree Group leaflet on 'Basic Tree Surgery Terms Explained' is available below



Basic Tree Surgery Terms Explained
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