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Bury Ditches Hill Fort (13 miles)


Bury Ditches is a British Iron Age hill for t between Clun and Bishops Castle in the Shropshire Hills.

Bury Ditches is often rated as a spectacular example of a surviving hill fort as it forms a neat oval or elliptical shape and is situated on the crown of a hill called Sunnyhill and comprises of upto four multi-vallate ditches and rampart banks as part of its defesive earthworks and two well preserved entrance ways.

From the summit views are clear to the Long Mynd, Corndon Hill and the Shropshire Hils.

Waymared walks cross the site and pass through the woodlands below.  The Shropshrie Way and Jack Mytton Way pass below the site and Wild Edric's Way crosses adjacent to it.


Caer Caradoc Hill Fort (3 miles)

The summit of Caer Caradoc is crowned by an Ancient British Iron Age or late Bronze Age hill fort. It is this which the hill is named after - Caer...

Caus Castle & Hill Fort (18 miles)


Caus Castle is a hill fort and medieval castle in the civil parish of Westbury in the English county of Shropshire.  It is situated up on the eastern foothills of the Long Mountains gurarding the route from Shrewsbury, Shropshire to Montgomery, Powys on the border between England and Wales.


Nordy Bank Hill Fort (12 miles)

The Nordy Bank hill fort is located on a defensible spur of the Clee Hills at 343 metres above sea level overlooking Corve Dale and Wenlock Edge.  The defensive ditch earthworks are in good condition although past quarrying has encroached near the site.  The Jack Mytton Way long distance footpath passes adjacent to the site and the Shropshire Way runs 2km to the northeast.