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CSTG - Signage & Maps

CSATG has worked with the Town Council to both improve existing signage as well as identifying areas where new signs were necessary. The effect on the Strettons is easy to see. Visitors can find their way around more easily and the town benefits from a much more ‘corporate’ looking style of signage.


In 2003, a survey of existing signage was conducted and sent to the Town Council for decisions and further action. This resulted in the agreement to adopt a corporate town ‘style’ and image which was put into immediate effect on all subsequent signs such as those illustrated below.


'Welcome to Church Stretton' - A49 Gateway


One of the Fingerposts - this one outside Lloyds Bank


'Visitor Information' sign - wall of the Buck's Head


Similarly, a number of corporate Information Posts such as that in Beaumont Court were created and filled with useful visitor information, including town maps. You will find these also available in shops around the town as well as in the Visitor Information Centre.