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Types of Advert

Home Page Rotator

The main images at the top of the Home page can be obtained for short term (typically 1 month) promotional campaigns. One image with appropriate text and website links is £120 per calendar month. Please provide the image (high quality) and text, we will do the rest in collaboration with you.

Download: more info

Directory Listings

All Directory Listings Adverts sit within our Local Directory, which Visitors to the website can access from the Home page. When they click on the Local Directory Tab, they can then search for your business in a variety of ways, eg by service or individual name; or by clicking on one of the defined categories.

When you advertise in the Local Directory, your business will also go into other sections, like 'Where to Stay' or What to See', if relevant.

Examples of Directory Listing Adverts

There are different levels of advertising to suit everyone's budget. The more you pay, the more information you can provide potential customers about your business, and the more benefits you get. See our 'Advert Price and Payments' page for all advert pricing.  The examples below include details of the information you can provide and visuals of what can be included at each Tier level.


Example of a Tier 1 Advert

Example of a Tier 2 Advert

Example of a Tier 3 Advert

Example of a Tier 4 Advert

Example of a Tier 5 Advert

Box Adverts

Box adverts are located in prominent positions across the website - down the right hand side of the home page, and on the top, right or bottom of other web pages - so they immediately capture the attention of potential customers who are just one click away from your website. Combining images and text, they are a cost effective and measurable way to advertise your business.

We sell Box Adverts per section - so, for example, you can buy a box advert within the 'Where to Stay' or the 'Gallery' or other sections.  Our box adverts are priced according to how popular a section is.  So the more page views it has, the more you would pay, but the greater the impact would be.

See our 'Advert Prices and Payments' page for Box advert pricing.

To discuss box adverts, please email and someone will contact you. 

Banner Adverts

If you choose to have a banner advert across the top of the webpage, this takes up the space of three Box Adverts. We would prefer to have images that are of the best quality you have available, with a maximum size of 5000KB. As an example, the following is 525 x 116 pixels. It was originally 9000MB (over 200 inches wide). It has been resized by us to 3000MB to fit our constraints. With the right image, banner adverts can really stand out.


For banner advert prices, please take our box advert prices and times them by three (as a banner takes up the space of three box adverts), then discount by 40%.