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Reverend Carr

The story of Reverend Carr is primarily that of a frightened man trapped in a devastating snowstorm in a mountainous area where he is committed to supporting his parishioners whom he believes need his strength at a time when nature is throwing all its hatred at mankind.

Download the story of reverend Carr here.

There are a number of planned events to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the courageous event.....

The vicar of Woolstaston & Ratlinghope – His story after 150yrs

Reverend Edmund Donald Carr was caught up in one of the worst snowstorms to hit the Long Mynd the century before last.  In trying to return from his Church service in Ratlinghope to his home parish of Woolstaston he lost his way – the ferocity of the storm blowing him down time and again and preventing him from seeing where he went.  No one had seen so much snow fall for nigh on fifty years. Several others died on the hill that night. After a whole night and day of struggling in snowdrifts, and after losing his hat, boots, gloves and nearly his life he was eventually found by children playing in Carding Mill Valley. 

 It being 150 years ago that he made this near tragic journey 29th Jan 1865  National Trust are leading a number of outings this year on the Long Mynd for Reverend Carr to explain his tragedy (alias Education Officer Chris Stratton).  Alternatively non walkers could just sit by the fireside to hear his rendition.

Victorian artefacts including his boots will be on display.

1. “Getting there”.   Tuesday 27th Jan 2015.  Meet Carding Mill Valley 10am. Minibus ride to visit Woolstaston Church then a 30 min walk to Wildmoor Pool. Bus to Ratlinghope Church and return to CMV around 1.30pm in time for a delectable tea room luncheon if you should so wish. Cost £5 to cover minibus hire. Bring warm clothing, snack. Cancelled in bad weather. Booking essential.

2. “A Night in the Snow”. Wednesday 28th Jan. 2pm Carding Mill Valley. After lunch story telling session in our Edwardian sitting room (Field Labs). Why not partake of luncheon beforehand in the Carding Mill delightful Tea Rooms next to a roaring fire. Free but bookings only.

3. “Getting Lost”. Thursday 29th Jan. A 5 mile walk from Ratlinghope.  Meet 10am at Carding Mill Valley for minibus transfer to Ratlinghope Church. A fairly strenuous return over the hilltop (652feet ascent) to our elegant Tea Rooms where one may imbibe and refresh oneself about 2.30pm. Cost £8 for minibus. Bring clothes for winter hillwalking, adequate footwear for muddy paths, adequate food & hot drink. Cancelled in bad weather.  Booking essential.

4. “A Night in the Snow” Friday 30th January.  11am Storytelling session in the unique wooden chalet house of Carding Mill Valley. Free but booking essential. Pre-prandial port may be taken before a fireside luncheon in our most charming tea rooms.

For bookings please telephone 01694 725006

or email:

There will be a non-obligatory collection of notes and gold coins for the Public’s Most Obliged Servant and Truthful Storyteller after each session.